Sylvanian Families Wedding – Phoebe & Matthew Marmalade Brown Bears

Phoebe & Matt got married at the exclusive Manor by the Rosemary Bush on a beautiful sunny day in April 2020. Surrounded by their friends and family, and accompanied by their daughter Isobel, they had a fantastic day. This was a really special wedding for me as I’ve known these guys since the 80’s.

Phoebe got ready in the mansion with her daughter and bridesmaids, then the ceremony was held in the gardens with Peter Mouse officiating. Their flower girl sprinkled rosemary blossoms before the entrance of the Bride, matching the Bride’s unique rosemary blossom bouquet. We gathered after for confetti and family photos, then I took the couple off for some cute and candid portraits. We snuck back out after the meal to capture some beautiful golden hour natural light photos.

I hope you enjoy and that this breaks up your lockdown just a little!